The Health Benefits Of Citrine Crystals

Citrine crystals have been around for centuries and has been used for different ways

Whether it’s for health or wealth, citrine crystals have a significant aspect

Know more about citrine crystals and the many ways it can help you daily


What are citrine crystals?

Characterised by their yellow-orange-golden colour, citrine crystals are named after the French word for lemon, Citron. This golden crystal belong to the quartz mineral group and is popular with people seeking to have positivity and success in life, especially in business. It’s most commonly known as the “Merchant’s Stone” as it is commonly see displayed nearby cash registers at specific stores.  


What are the health benefits one can get from citrine crystals?

Not only are citrine crystals aesthetically pleasing to display, they also have surprising health benefits people can get just by displaying them around their common dwelling areas. Among these health benefits are the following:

  • It cleanses the pancreas, liver, stomach, kidneys, and spleen
  • It helps improve sleep and sight
  • It aids in the healing of thyroid glands and the heart muscles as well as minimising the effects of diabetes
  • It removes toxins from the body and helps in easing of addictions
  • It improves blood circulation, digestion, and helps prevent constipation
  • It boost the immune system and overall metabolism


How does one effectively use citrine crystals?

Citrine crystals are used by various people in a lot of different ways depending on the effects they want and what they want to use it for. Here are some of the ways you can use them in specific aspects:


  • For business

As mentioned earlier, many businesspersons use the citrine crystals for attracting wealth and more business. They usually do this by placing their crystals near the cash register, placing it in the Southeast corner of the business, or keeping tiny versions of them inside their purses.


  • For personal use

Citrine crystals are very beneficial to one’s personal life. Known as the crystal that grants happiness, calmness, and wealth, people who believe in its powers usually carry the crystal around with them by using them as bracelets, earrings, rings, and necklaces. It’s also best to display it in a common area creatively such as placing them inside a clear vase of luxury artificial flower arrangements. This will not make your area look refined, it can also bless your visitors and family members with the same benefits you get from the crystals. Have you seen our amazing Crystal drink bottles? They make the perfect gift or personal item to carry around!


  • For metaphysical aspects

Citrines have their own significance to the metaphysical world of crystals. They help align chakras and are known to be connected to Solar Plexus, the third chakra. This specific chakra helps in activating the body and the mind, stimulating mental power that’s needed for extreme focus. This specific crystal also attracts happiness and eliminates negative energy by turning them into positive ones.

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