What Do different Colour Roses Symbolise?

Roses come in a variety of colours, sizes, and bundles. Some of these are natural and some are artificially-coloured for aesthetics, special occasions, and even for creative presentations. From the typical red to the highly-creative multi-coloured varieties, you’ll always find a rose in the colour or colour combination you like. But what do the colours of each rose signify, natural or artificial? Today, we’ll let you know all the facts surrounding them and more…


Red Rose Meanings and Symbolisms

Red roses are the international symbol for love no matter the degree. The passionate colour of red is commonly associated with warmth and deep devotion. It gives the human brain a sensual response, making the colour appear vibrant and energetic. But not only do their colours evoke deep emotion, but the number of stems you’ve chosen as well. Among the best times to gift a bouquet of red roses would be romantic getaways, Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, saying ‘sorry’, and even first dates. Giving them out spontaneously are good, too! It makes the other person feel special and that you’re thinking about them each day.


Pink Rose Meanings and Symbolisms

Pink roses signify a degree lower of the extreme amount of passion that red roses evoke. They are typically given to friends, close relatives, and significant others. This colour of roses can also be given to women you’ve recently started dating as well. Among the most common events that people give pink roses out are during your friends’ birthdays, a mother’s birthday/special day, Valentine’s Day (for newer couples), and your 15th wedding anniversary.


White Rose Meanings and Symbolisms

White roses signify innocence, purity, and kindness. They are typically gifted and used to decorate milestone and important events. These roses are also used for solemn events that symbolise farewells and sympathies. People usually give out and decorate events with white flowers during engagements, weddings, funerals, or hospital visits to friends, loved ones, relatives, and even colleagues.


Yellow Rose Meanings and Symbolisms

The colour yellow’s vibrance and excitement make every rose present the same emotion to its recipient. When gifted with yellow roses, recipients easily feel the joy that the flowers wish to represent. Because of the excitement it brings, people usually gift them to individuals who have reached certain milestones in their life that may be a cause for celebration. Among these events include graduations, certain achievements, promotions, and for some, their 50th wedding anniversary as it symbolises ‘gold’.


Purple Rose Meanings and Symbolisms 

Purple roses are not as commonly given as red, pink, and white roses. Why? Because these roses evoke love that’s deeper than that expressed through red or white roses. Though many will argue, purple is indeed a very passionate colour. For this reason, people gift purple roses to those they feel love at first sight, enchantment, deep magnetism and attraction, gentle desire, charm, and sometimes flirtatious feelings as well. No matter the degree of attraction, purple roses will be appreciated positively.


Rainbow Rose Meanings and Symbolisms 

Rainbow roses are the type of flowers you can gift to anyone creative or very vibrant. Because of these roses’ variety of colours, it easily evokes all the emotions you feel but with rebirth, triumph, and freedom as the highlights. The best thing about this colour of roses is that you can gift them any time and to anyone no matter their age or gender. These roses are usually gifted during new baby announcements/arrivals, birthdays, anniversaries, or even Mother’s Day.

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